A virtual visit is a videoconference between a doctor and a patient at home. It means that a patient can interact with their medical provider via a smart phone or web-based program through a secure link that is HIPPA compliant, instead of traveling to the office.

Due to COVID19 as a protective measure to protect our patients, as well as staff, Northern Ohio Family Practice has decided to temporarily offer Virtual Visits for higher risk patients as well as other patient visits that your health care provider deems to be eligible to have a virtual visit. Certain criteria must be met before you can schedule as listed below:

  • You must have technical capability to have video visit, which means either a smart phone OR a computer with camera capabilities.
  • You must call the office and ask that a message be sent to your provider to see if what you need to be seen for can qualify for a virtual visit.
  • A message will be sent to your provider and a decision made if you must physically come into the office OR may be scheduled for a virtual visit. Staff will then call you back to schedule an appointment time and to collect any copays that are necessary.
  • At your scheduled appointment time, you will click on your provider link below and check in following the prompts.

Thank you for your patience as we are continuing efforts to keep you and your family healthy!